Saturday, December 17, 2011

What is a Tactical Body Armor?

Tactical Body Armor is a kind of protective clothing that is used to defy weapons such as fired projectiles and knives. It can also protect the wearer from other non ballistic threats such as thermal hazards like heat and fire, chemical and biological hazards and from fragments of explosion. Anybody can wear the tactical body armor but this is commonly worn by police officers and the military because of the dangers they face on their job and because they always face various ballistic threats.

The tactical body armor is made up of different ballistic resistant materials. The most common non ballistic materials used are Kevlar, Spectra, Dyneema and Twaron. These materials are used on tactical body armors because of their capability to give ballistic protection. They also have the following characteristics making them effective in giving safety and protection: high tensile properties and were proven to have five times or more the strength of steel, high cut and shear resistance that can protect the wearer from stab and puncture wounds, high chemical resistance that protects the wearer from chemical erosions and biological threats, and excellent thermal properties that can protect the wearer from heat and fire hazards.

Tactical Body Armor offers increased protection because it is supplemented by hard armor such as ballistic inserts made of ceramic or metal. Tactical body armor has also greater are coverage for protection. But the downside of wearing tactical body armor is that the metal plates are heavy and it restricts the mobility of the wearer. It will also provide less comfort ability as compared to the concealable body armor.

Tactical Body Armor are tested first before commercial distribution and regularly certified. It is subjected to ballistic testing to determine their ability to give protection from different projectiles from different types of weapons. Ballistic testing of the tactical body armor is essential in order to ensure that all body armors offered to the public are safe, reliable and has complied with the minimum requirements. 

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