Saturday, December 17, 2011

An Overview of Your Tactical Body Armor

Tactical Body Armor is a personal body armor that is meant to shield a wearer from the negative effects of combat such as being hit by a projectile, puncture and stab wounds, thermal hazards, chemical and biological hazards, fractured bones and lacerations. Tactical body armor is commonly used by people who are exposed to various projectile threats such as police officers and soldiers, military and army though this may also be used by security personnel and private citizens. Tactical body armor is available in various forms to in order to address the different protection needs of users. Some of the different forms of tactical body armor are ballistic vests or bulletproof vests, combat helmet, neck and groin protectors, trauma plates and leg protectors. The tactical ballistic vest may be used alone or in combination with the other tactical body armors for increased protection and depending on the protection need of the user.

As compared to the concealable body armor, tactical body armor offers greater protection. The ballistic panels of the tactical body armor contains more layers making it thicker thus giving your more protection from various ballistic threats. The tactical body armor is also designed to resist projectile fired from small handguns as well as rifles and stronger ammunitions. There are also tactical body armors that can provide protection both from bullets and stab attacks from pointed and sharp edged weapons. Moreover, you can also add trauma plates on the tactical body armor for an increased protection from high velocity firearms. These trauma plates are effective in reducing the blunt trauma that the wearer may suffer from the impact of a bullet.

Despite the greater protection that it provides, there are also advantages in wearing the tactical body armor. The tactical body armor is usually worn over clothing making it non concealable. It is also heavier because of the ballistic inserts added on the body armor. Since it is thicker and heavier, it restricts mobility and there is a possibility of experiencing discomfort. The tactical body armor is not also ideal to wear on hot climates. 

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