Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fit and Care Guidelines for Your Tactical Body Armor

Body armor such as your tactical body armor is considered as one of the most important investments that you can have for your protection. And to maintain the level of protection and performance that it can provide you throughout its service life, giving you safety from various threats and risks, proper fitting and care is important. The following are some fit and care guidelines on your tactical body armor so that it will last long without any decrease in the ballistic performance.

1. A custom sized vest that is tailored for your body shape and type is the ideal body armor for you. This is because tactical body armor that is too big or small for you will provide discomfort and you will end up not wearing your vest. Moreover, you are more protected with a tactical body armor that fits you just fine because it will be able to cover you properly and you will be able to have more freedom in your movements.  

2. The straps of your tactical body armor should not be too tight or too loose. Adjust it so that it will fit your body properly to avoid excessive movements of the panel.

3. Washing should be done gently y using mild detergent and water. Do not wash the ballistic panels of your tactical body armor as this will degrade the materials used on the panels. Just clean it by gently wiping the ballistic panels using a damp cloth. Do not machine wash your tactical body armor. You can only machine wash the armor carrier if possible.

4. Make sure your store your tactical body armor properly. Store it in a flat position with no other equipments on top of it or around the body armor. Never hang your tactical body armor because this will cause curling, creases and stretching on the body armor. Avoid storing your tactical body armor in extremely hot, wet and humid areas. 

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