Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Certain Specifications That You Tactical Body Armor Must Meet

Tactical Body Armor is used for protection and safety and it must be able to live up to its purpose. In order to get good protection as well as comfort and mobility in your tactical body armor, it must be able to meet the following specifications.

1. You tactical body armor must be made of excellent ballistic resistant materials.

To get excellent performance and good ballistic protection from your tactical body armor, it must be made of excellent ballistic resistant materials. This is because the level of protection that your body armor would provide is large dependent on the materials or fabrics used. Be sure to check the material content of your body armor before any purchase. You can achieve this by both asking your manufacturer and inspecting the labels. The top ballistic resistant materials used on body armors today are Kevlar, Dyneema, Spectra, Twaron and Aramid fibers.

2. You tactical body armor must be certified.

To ensure that you get safe and reliable tactical body armor and has met the minimum performance requirements, it must be certified by the National Institute of Justice or other local regulating bodies. National Institute of Justice is the research, development and evaluation agency of the US government that reviews and evaluates the ballistic performance of body armors such as your tactical body armor and determines if a body armor model is effective in giving protection.

3. Your tactical body armor must have adjustable straps.

Adjustable straps are necessary in your tactical ballistic armor because they help you achieve the right fit on your body armor. Adjustable straps help you experience greater comfort and mobility of your tactical body armor. You may have the right fit at the time you have purchased your tactical body armor, but there is a possibility that you can gain or lose weight during the service life of your body armor. The adjustable straps will help you adjust the body armor so that it will match your body size and type. 

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